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Princes Catering Menu Tips

This page offers tips on menu selection. All of our set menus are selected to be balanced and to appeal to a wide audience. But should you want to build your own buffet menu, please bear in mind the following: -.

1/ Balance:
The biggest mistake that people make is choosing too much of the same type of dish base ingedient. Just because you or your boss like chicken, don't go overboard - there will be people who dislike chicken, or prefer a wider selection of choice, such as beef, fish, or vegetarian options. A menu consisting of chicken sandwiches, chicken tikka skewers and chicken vol-au-vents may seem delightful to some, but boring and sickly to the majority. Select your menu to reflect an even balance to cater for all tastes - if you do that your menu will be appreciated and your event catering a success.

2/ Know your guests:
In any gathering of people at least one in ten will be a vegetarian and at least one in fifty may be vegan or kosher, so the rule is: 'know your guests and always ask for any special dietary requirements on any invites'. Then choose enough variety to cater for those guests marking those dishes which are suitable for them. Do not mix platters with different foods unless you know it is acceptable, since certain religions cannot eat from plates also containing other foods which are taboo for them.

3/ Venue:
Where are people going to be eating, what is the environment and who is attending? Finger buffets can be served practically anywhere, but eating a fork buffet can be awkward if it is a crowded venue, or if there are no tables and chairs available for eating at - yes, the majority of people can eat with a fork standing up, but if you are elderly, or have a disability it can be difficult without access to seating.

4/ Know what you are trying to achieve:
Are you trying to create an impression? Is this an important landmark celebration?

If you are catering for an upmarket event or a product launch a dressed salmon is a good centre piece to have and makes a real impression. You might also want to choose a menu with some luxury items to create a better impression. Items such as smoked salmon, caviar, king prawns, parma ham and exotic fruits. Ask our experienced catering staff for advice if you are unsure.

Or perhaps it is a celebration where a special cake will enhance the celebration. With advance notice we can provide a freshly baked cake from a choice of recipes, which can be iced with a special message, or designed with a company logo.

5/ Budget:
Allow enough budget to professionally cater for your guests, since their impression of you can be affected by the quality, variety and amount of food you serve.

When you choose Princes Catering it is our job to help make your menu and event a success. We have years of experience catering to the public and corporate organisations large and small, so take advantage of that experience and ask us if you need guidance about your menus, or are looking for ideas to make your occasion that little bit different.

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